Mental Health

Stress / Low Mood / Anxiety – where can I get help?

There are many mental health problems which do not require medication.  Psychological support and self help can go a long way to helping improve your situation.  Below is a list of resources which you may find useful to access and help yourself.

If after trying these, you are not improving or feel you need further support, please book an appointment with a GP to discuss.

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Local Resources


Quiet Waters

Counselling, phone 01324 630643 or https://quiet-org


Stress Control Course

Free 6 week course to teach you how to control stress more effectively - 01259 215048 or book online

Online Resources



Self help resource for a wide range of mental health and social problems


Steps for Stress

Advice on combating stress – free booklet and relaxation CD available online



Mindfulness app (available for Apple and Android)

Resources for Specific Circumstances




Phone 0845 673 1774 or email


Survivors of sexual abuse

Open Secret

Phone 01324 630100 or email




Phone 0845 600 2227 or email


Relationship Problems

Relationship Scotland

Phone 01324 670067 or email


Carer Stress

Princess Royal Trust Carers Centre

Phone 01324 611510 or email

If in Crisis and Need To Speak To Someone Now



Phone 01324 622066 or 116 123 or email


Breathing Space

Phone 0800 83 85 87


NHS 24

Phone 111